Elevate your style with our custom embroidery and satin headwear! From bonnets to durags, we have it all. Stand out and make a statement with our one-of-a-kind designs. Order now and add a touch of luxury to your wardrobe!


Big Kid Bonnet


Satin Lined Beanies

Honey Stitched Benefits

1. Reduced Friction

Satin has a smooth surface that can help reduce friction between your hair and other surfaces, such as cotton pillowcases, which can cause tangling and breakage.

2. Moisture Retention

Satin is a breathable material that can help to retain moisture in your hair, which can help prevent dryness and breakage.

3. Less Damage From Heat Styling

Satin is less likely to absorb heat from the hair when you are using heat styling tools, thus reducing the heat damage.

4. Hair Growth

By reducing friction, moisture retention and reducing damage from heat styling, satin can help to prevent breakage and damage, which can allow your hair to grow longer and stronger.